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:: Services for Charities & Not-for-Profit Organizations

Make Extended Hearts a part of your fundraising team and see how hand in hand, we’re connecting hearts, and making a difference in communities all over the world.  (view our company brochure)

Our executive team is available to speak on a variety of topics concerning the use of technology in helping non-profits meet their critical objectives.

Our company has aided in the establishment of successful Internet service practices, and we are dedicated to developing effective, innovative strategies to engage constituents and build relationships online.

Find our more about which one of our services is right for you and not only advance your cause, but give supporters a reason to visit your website, raising public confidence and trust in your vision and providing your organization with tools to assess and improve performance.

To arrange for a member of our team to speak at and/or participate in your conference or meeting, please email your request to us at solutions@extendedhearts.com.



Extended Hearts GiveNow is our enhanced service that will enables charities, organizations, groups and individuals to easily raise money for their causes online. A GiveNow account allows organizations to differentiate from others like them and to encourage donors to make gifts online – immediately and easily.  By creating GiveNow pages that can be customized with logos and colors to match each organization’s existing Web design.

GiveNow helps improve efficiency by lowering operating costs, freeing up time of both staff and volunteers and easing the giving process.  Our services will allow organizations to use their GiveNow accounts to collect dues and payments, collect one-time and recurring donations and capture information about the people who are contributing to their causes.

View our GiveNow Brochure (.pdf file)

Please view our Demo of the GiveNow service


 • GiveNow Instruction Manual
Fundraising Pages

Today’s non-profit organizations are faced with a complex and ever-changing environment, requiring groups to evolve just as rapidly in order to adequately serve and communicate with members and supporters.


The utility of the internet has allowed organizations to distinguish themselves in this competitive industry, keeping them in the forefront of donor’s hearts and minds while expanding membership, increasing fundraising and creating more efficient operating systems.


Extended Hearts lets you do just that, by creating your very own Fundraising Page, making it easier for donors to contribute by offering them the flexibility to donate what they want, when they want, how they want, and with as little effort as possible. 


In just a few short minutes, have your unique page up and running, allowing you to enjoy expanded fundraising and marketing functions while raising both awareness and money for your group or event.


Let members create their own Fundraising Pages to aid in your organization’s efforts and allow them to connect to donors worldwide that care about your cause. Have your page up and running in minutes and start collecting donations immediately!


View Fundraising Brochure (.pdf file)



 • Fundraising Pages Manual

For the small,grassroots organization without a web presence to the mid-sized charity looking to add online donation functionality to their website,     ProjectBuilder makes it easier for donors to contribute by offering them the flexibility to donate what they want, when they want, how they want, and with as little effort as possible. 


Our custom template allows your organization to:

§Give an overview of your mission, goals, and cause

§Provide access to information regarding programs and events

§Upload photos

§Provide progress reports and statistics

§Thank your sponsors


Extended Hearts lets you do just that, with exceptional services like ProjectBuilder, that help your organization communicate with and serve members and donors worldwide.


Please view our Demo of the our ProjectBuilder service

 • ProjectBuilder Manual
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